March 3, 1993.

Eleven years ago at this time, I was laying in a hospital bed awaiting the arrival of my first child. I didn’t know if it was a boy or a girl and I couldn’t wait to find out. I was probably the happiest I had ever been in my life on that day.
I started pushing at 10 minutes until 8 oclock. In just a few minutes, my baby would be here… or so I thought. 9:30 pm, I was still pushing. My husband had been by my side the entire time waiting with me. Holding my hand as I would breathe through each contraction. Wiping the sweat off of my forehead with a washcloth, feeding me ice chips, rubbing my back when the pain became unbearable, encouraging me through every pain, through every scream, through every tear.
Finally, at 9:54, my baby was born. “It’s a boy” the nurse shouted. My husband instantly began to thank God, I cried. I had given birth to my first child and it was a boy. We had a son. Suddenly, we were a family. Our lives were complete.
I was a little nervous when we brought our Andrew Josiah home. I had no idea how I would take care of him. I didn’t know if I’d be a good mother. Amazingly, it all just fell into place. I instictively knew what to do. I knew how to soothe him when he cried, I knew what his cries meant. It was the most beautiful time of my life. I was filled with joy, love and happiness everyminute I was around my son.
I remember looking at him and thinking there had never been a baby as beautiful, as precious as my baby.
Here we are 11 years later. Eleven years… How the time has flown by. Andrew has been such a joy to have as a son. He’s kind, considerate, obidient, loving and has the greatest sense of humor. I love him more than I could ever put into words.
Happy Birthday, Andrew Josiah. Thank you for all of the love you’ve brought into our lives. You’re an amazing kid and I am lucky to be your mother.

29 thoughts on “March 3, 1993.

  1. Faithful reader

    Happy Birthday Andrew Josiah.
    Yvonne your beautiful post about your son made me cry. Been reading yr blog everyday. Hope Andrew has a wonderful birthday.

  2. Lori

    It is amazing how all of that fall into place, isn’t it? My son is now 16, and my daughter is 15. Every time they have a birthday, I remember where I was at almost every time that day.
    Children are so special. Here’s a warning for you. Don’t turn your head for 2 seconds, because 10 years will have gone by. I wonder everytime I look at my teenagers, “Where did the time go?”
    Stay in the moment darlin, and keep on loving every minute of it.

  3. Hed

    You truly do have a beautiful family. What a cutie he was/still is! He’s going be breaking some hearts in a few years!
    Here’s to life!
    Hope he has a wonderful birthday!

  4. brilly

    You have the most beautiful babies, and they grow into beautiful looking young adults.
    Hope your son has a great day.

  5. Janis

    Happy Birthday Andrew!
    March 3rd, awesome day to be born! I have a son who just turned nine the same day!
    Ya know- the really cool kids have March 3rd birthdays! Hahaha :)

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