I wish you could see me.

I officially have developed the Pregnant Lady Waddle. You should see me, I look so cute on my morning walks, at least that’s what I tell myself because I know in reality I look pathetic out there trying to walk up and down the hills, while waddling and holding my tummy at the same time. Then there’s the occasional knee buckle because my Sciatic nerve flares up. And we can’t forget the little stops off the trail so I can heave for 5 minutes.
But I waddle… how precious is that?

9 thoughts on “I wish you could see me.

  1. Rachael

    My sister has that goin’ for her now. It’s the cutest thing ever. Of course, when I did it, anyone that said that got punched. 😛
    About the Sciatic Nerve..you poor woman! I had it sooooo bad, the doctor’s thought I was making it up. :( Not fun at all.

  2. Doc Mikey

    Go see a good, not one of those you need a million treatments…how do you want to pay for that, chiropractor. She/he can really help with the pain. The waddle is yours though.

  3. keith

    Sciatica sucks worse than *SO* many other bad things. Feels like a gasoline fire running from the base of your spine, all the way down to your toes.
    On the other hand, the pregnant waddle *IS* awfully cute. Can I pat and rub your backside, instead of your belly? ;^D

  4. Iki

    You know, it just occurred to me that I never wished you happy on your new arrival. So let me apologize now and say congratulations, and I wish you health, happiness, no stretch marks and an easy labor.
    Now get Blogmoxie working on that baby skin! :)

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