8 thoughts on “I just wanna rub his bald head!!!!

  1. jen

    When I saw him last night in his snappy business casual outfit, I actually squealed… glad to hear I’m not alone in my shame.

  2. Charlie

    Oh, my word.
    Did you go for that little old bald dude that Benny Hill used to slap on the forehead, too? He had the same kind of look, but frankly, a few more liver spots.
    On the other hand, he did have that thexy British accent. I think he could have given George a run for his money.

  3. melly

    My mom thinks you are associating him with wealth and that is why he gets your rocks off. I’d say the same would be true for Trump, but I can’t get over that fuckers hair.
    I bought Andrew’s birthday present today (the Spy Kids dvd). I’ll mail it to you on Monday. Let him know, okay?

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