Holey comfort!

I hate spending money on underwear. Especially bras. If you ask me, it’s a waste of money. Sure, it’s something we need, but I don’t get off on going to Victoria Secrets (and spending ungodly amounts of money) to buy panties and bras like most women I know.. I have a few pair of pretty, sexy ones, but I totally admit I prefer the ol’ cotton granny panties/bikini cut hanes to the fancy shit. I think the last time I bought my underwear, it was a 10 pack at Costco for like $9.99. That’s right folks, $1 panty. just the way I like it.

11 thoughts on “Holey comfort!

  1. Empress

    I buy mine in bulk as well. Black cotton bikini Jockey for women – 3 pair per box. But thanks for the Costco tip – I’ll have to check there next time I go!

  2. waistdog

    I didn’t know you could by 10 of anything at Costco?
    I thought it was only Vats and Pallets, and drums, and crates.
    I’d like to partake in picking a pallet of pretty panties please!

  3. keith

    Ahhh, Yvonne…. why do I read thee? Let me count the ways:
    I read you for pharting,
    I read you for fun.
    I read you for boogers,
    (I can’t go on with this shit, anymore…)
    You crack me up, woman. Truly. Thanks!

  4. James McDone

    Hey I got an idea, why don’t you go braless and pantiless. You save lots of money for other things. LOL

  5. Tracy

    Yes, the difference between the .99 panty and the 2 dollah panty is a MAJOR difference. You wouldn’t want to be lumped in with those less-than-a-dollah-panty hoochies.

  6. Chelle

    Yeah, bras are so friggin expensive, I can’t believe they make us pay so much! And then there’s tampons….it’s like some compacted cotton on a string, why so expensive???? It’s cuz they KNOW we have to have it. Jerks!

  7. Chasmyn

    You’re singing my song. Cotton bikinis in the 6-pack. But the bras…I have to spurge on those, on accounta my gianormous bazoombas. They need extra expensive support. Fucking crazy expensive support. It’s ridiculous.

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