Halfway there.

I’m halfway done with this pregnancy. The changes that I’ve gone through both emotionally and physically are drastic, but I can honestly say that I’m happier than I’ve been in a long time. Here’s a little photo collection of my growing belly. (I’m sorry, I’m so in love with my pregnant belly, I can’t even stand it.)

Two months along

Three months along

Four months along

Five months along

Five and half months (current)

Only four more months to go. How much bigger can my belly possibly get?

10 thoughts on “Halfway there.

  1. Trishie

    you look beautiful! i think preggie women are PERFECT!
    you sure there’s just one up in there though?
    and you make me sick..the rest of your body is thin..
    when i’m preggie everyone will just think i’m a wide load.. you look GORGEOUS!

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