The good ol days.

This morning, my husband said, all non chalantly, “Babe, I need some nose hair clippers.”
And I replied, all nonchalantly “I bet they have them at Target.”
When the hell did we turn into a couple of old geezers?

My husband is going to be 39 in August, me, 33 in September. Where the hell did the time go?
I remember when we used to talk about our dreams, about movies, about love… Now it’s nose hair clippers, back aches, varicose veins.

Nose hair clippers. Ugh.

The sad thing is I’ll pick up his damn nose hair clippers while I’m out buying some Preparation H for my ‘roids.

10 thoughts on “The good ol days.

  1. The Sarcastic Journalist

    I feel your pain. We were out to eat and i looked at the hubs and said “Um, there’s a hair growing out of your nose.”
    Today he asked me if I’m still taking my fiber pills so I can make a pitiful attempt at going number two.

  2. Stacey

    “Today he asked me if I’m still taking my fiber pills so I can make a pitiful attempt at going number two.”
    hahahahaha….mine is worried about the same thing.
    Ahh, love and constipation.

  3. djmofo

    do what we do. go in the ‘personals’ isle and ask really loudly if that roid is ok on your husband or if he still has pinworms (ie. ass worms). he asks me if my cooch is clean or do i still have bread baking.
    ahhh ain’t love grand?

  4. christine

    Hey, I got my husband some nose hair clippers (from Target, no less) for Christmas. He had some serious hairs growing out of his nostrils. Ewww.

  5. fl0w3r

    You know, it is a beautiful thing when you think about it. As you have both settled into your life you have become so comfortable with eachother that you can say things like that. There are so many folks out there that long for that same kind of comfort. You are right where you should be.

  6. Gary

    You know the honeymoon is over when your spouse comes into the bathroom and takes a number 2 while you are shaving.
    I didn’t know until I got married that women fart…

  7. amy

    HAHAHA I can’s stop chuckling……I also bought my husband nose hair clippers for x mas…too fuckin funny.

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