My life has been completely turned upside down.
On Friday, Andrew watched “The Puberty Videos” at school.
It’s been non stop puberty, balls, hairy balls, boobs, penis, etc talk ever since.
And the questions!
Night before last this was the question.
Mom, do I have to put deodorant on my nuts, since they’re growing hair on them?”
Then there’s the discussion with other family members.
The other day my mom asked the boys what they wanted to talk about. Ethan put his hand on his chin, as if he was thinking and he said “I know, Gramma, let’s talk about pooberty
My mom asked him what “pooberty” was.
“You know, grandma, it’s about penises!”
Andrew, the puberty expert interjected.
“You’ve got it all wrong, Ethan, puberty starts with BO!” Then added “And speaking of BO, mines starting to kick in, Gramma.”

My mom was mortified and dying of laughter all at the same time. Mortified because she still hasn’t had the puberty talk with me, we never talked about that stuff. Infact, I got in trouble when I started my period because I KNEW WHAT A PERIOD WAS. No lie. I promised myself I’d always be open with my kids about it because of how my parents were, but I never expected it would be this akward and uncomfortable for me.
I’m thinking of running away for a few weeks until this all blows over. I think Tony can handle it.

9 thoughts on “Pooberty.

  1. grace

    Oh, I’m so not looking forward to mine hitting pooberty. He’s only five and he just gets mad when his “bippie gets big”.

  2. James

    My little brother is 11-years-old . . . he’s RIGHT there . . . not sure how I feel about this, but his dad isn’t around and I know it’s gonna be on me to answer all his questions . . . good God, that poor kid.

  3. melly

    I’m going to throw tampons at you.
    You probably haven’t seen Carrie though, so you won’t know why I am throwing tampons at you.
    But, hey, free tampons.

  4. Tracy

    My mother is fond of saying “You bet your sweet bippy…”. I now see that saying in a whole new light.
    Yvonne, at least you have BOYS. I have to deal with periods and moodiness. Joy. I think we’ll have contests to see who can be the bigger bitch.

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