Please make sure to use a coaster.

Last night while I was washing the dishes, my husband came up behind me to love up on me. He was hugging me and telling me how cute he thinks I am. It was truly sweet, until he ruined it by saying.

I love your pregnant ass. I could totally rest my cup on it. It could be my cup holder.

“I could totally rest my cup on it.”

Just… DUDE.

9 thoughts on “Please make sure to use a coaster.

  1. Gary

    Now, now Yvonne. I had a friend who referred to his wife’s butt as a “satchel ass”. By that he meant it drooped. Now, I’m not going to defend what was said to you or by him but If I had a choice of a satchel ass or an ass that was rounded out enough to allow somehting to be set on it I’m going for the latter. You could say the same about Beyonce’s booty too you know. Maybe he was favorably comparing your to hers?

  2. Trishie

    Men like big butts.
    I’m not pregnant and I have a huge butt.
    By the way.. did i mention pregnant is beautiful? I’m sure he meant that he loved your booty. Be in love:).

  3. yvonne

    I know how he meant it, and I’m not really upset. It’s just I’M PREGNANT. I totally overreact to everything, but can laugh about it later.
    May I hold your cup?

  4. fl0w3r

    The problem is that you have chosen someone of the male gender as your life partner. I did the same. They are great in bed and excellent at mowing the lawn, but seriously lacking in common sense. You see, a person with common sense knows to stop at “Your ass is so hot. I love your ass.” Someone without common sense would say something like “it makes a good friggin’ cup holder”. What can we do? We gotta have that good man lovin’, right?

  5. lee

    Dude. I hear you on this. My ass is like that and I’m not even pregnant. I understand perfectly what Tony is trying to say due to years of being called “Shelf butt.” Why? Because you could keep books on it. Line ’em right up.

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