My, what a colorful world you’ve helped create.

You probably think your job is so important. You probably think what you do really matters.
Let me tell you something… My job changes people’s lives.
Take a look at what I accomplished yesterday in my 3 hours of hard labor and then try to convince me that what you do is really that important…

Yeah. That’s what I thought.
Changing the world one coloring sheet at a time.

12 thoughts on “My, what a colorful world you’ve helped create.

  1. melly

    Did you outline that yourself? Because it’s really good. With exception to the brown. I would have gone with yellow or a deep purple. But I’m from a family of paint snobs.

  2. lauren

    girl – that is faaaaaaaaaaaaancy! i love it. love how the strokes of the markers are all even and make it appear to be textured. talent, yo. talent!

  3. waistdog

    It was so nice.
    And so important.
    I stopped all production on the assembly line, and made all my employees look at it.
    All day!
    They demanded psychedelics.
    But nobody could find any.
    So we drank, and ate Ding-Dongs.

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