It’s a free country. I can do what I want!

My friends and family are always telling me that I talk too much. My husband tells me I talk too much. Today, Melly told me I talk too much, but not in the way most people do, which is “OK! Shutup.” She said very gently, while making a motion with her hands, “yap, yap, yap, yap… and you say Andrew talks too much, he gets it from you!”
I didn’t get too dramatic in my reaction. I simply said “Fine, I won’t talk anymore”, held back the tears and didn’t answer any of her questions for 5 minutes.
I think I’m over it now, I’m talking again.

8 thoughts on “It’s a free country. I can do what I want!

  1. Stevie

    As another one who talks so much that people expect me to pass out from lack of breathing….
    Honey…It’s not us. We do not talk too much as much as some people don’t listen enough.
    That’s my theory, amyway. Yer welcome to it, if ya want.
    (And, yeah…I do have others…lol.)

  2. skits

    Woman!! I’m in the apple store on the promenade. Why won’t you answer your phone!!????? Oy. I’m so bummed that we missed you guys. :(

  3. Jett

    Honey, as an Official Friend O’ Melly, you should know by now that sometimes she is as about as subtle as a sledgehammer.
    This is both charming and infuriating in turns. But you ALWAYS know where you stand, and that in and of itself is a Very Good Thing.
    And the best way to avenge the injustice? Don’t let her play with your boobies. This will make her NUTS. >:o)

  4. melly

    First thing I did, after I sat down my suitcase, was grab her boobs. They really aren’t that much bigger than they were last July. She’s just being mellydramatic.

  5. waistdog

    You mean to tell me you two left Skits standing in the Apple store on the promenade?
    Was Yvonne talking?
    Was Melly busy with her Boobs?
    IT’s a darned good thing I didn’t drive the eight hundred damned miles down there to see you two.
    Just to be left standing at the apple store.
    On the Promenade.

  6. yvonne

    excuuuuuuse me. We were there. We just never found Wendy and Fran. But oh yes, we were there and oh how we sat in traffic to get there and get back.
    What a tragedy.

  7. skits

    I must echo Yvonne–they didn’t leave us! The restaurant we were supposed to meet at was out of business, and I had no backup plan for a situation like that.
    Dude, it WAS tragic. It sucked, and I totally promise Fran and I are getting cell phones now. I can’t go through that again. It’s too emotional. lol

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