I used to love kids…

I have just spent the last 5 1/2 hours with 60 or more annoying, screaming, crying, smelly, rude, loud, FIRST GRADERS. One of those hours were on a bus.
This is not the way a pregnant, very sick woman should spend her day, I do not recommend it. At all.
I am now on my way to see my doctor. I need him to check my blood pressure as I am completely convinced it is dangerously high.
And I totally blame the FIRST GRADERS!!!

4 thoughts on “I used to love kids…

  1. brother michael

    sister yvonne,
    the lord will help lower your blood pressure. just ask him (after you ask him forgiveness for having sex… oh right, you’re married… well, you weren’t supposed to enjoy it).
    brother michael

  2. Louise

    I’m 27 years old and in fairly good health. Last May my doctor was like “Man, what are you doing? Your blood pressure’s sky high!”. Then I explained that I had just come from work. I teach third grade.
    She was like “Yeah, that’ll do it”.

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