Four months along.

I am 16 weeks pregnant today. I just took this picture a few minutes ago. I know you’re probably thinking the same thing I am.
“That’s HUGE for 4 months.”
Yes, it is. Unusually huge. But keep in mind, I was 60 pounds overweight when I got pregnant. 60 pounds.
So, I drew up a little graph that will totally explain why I look 8 months along instead of 4…

See? Now it all makes sense, doesn’t it.

22 thoughts on “Four months along.

  1. Lessa

    A lot of that is because it’s your third baby too. Both my sister and I noticed that our body ‘remembered’ being pregnant very quickly with the third baby, and we got bigger much faster. So it’s normal. *grin* Baby’s happy – and that’s want counts.

  2. Michelle

    Every woman shows sooner and looks bigger with each pregnancy that she has- even skinny chicks (and they usually show even sooner and show even bigger than heavier women).
    Still doesn’t make it any easier to look at yourself in the mirror and go “holy fuck! If I am this big now what the hell am I going to look like at 8 months!?” I avoided all mirrors during my last (3rd) pregnancy because it seemed that as soon as I saw the two lines on the HPT, my belly poofed out and I looked 5 months pregnant. Ugh- can’t wait to see what pregnancy #4 will look like.. 😉

  3. yvonne

    thank you! I know I’m down about my size, but truuuuuuuust me, that diagram was totally me TRYING to be funny.
    It’s ok to laugh.

  4. fl0w3r

    No doubt, it was hilarious. Although, I kind of expect that now since just about every-other post on your blog gives me a some giggles. Just thought you could probably stand to hear the first thought that went through my mind before I ever peeked at the chart. You are adorable and quite a nice size, in my opinion.

  5. Canadian Lauren

    That is NOT huge for 4 months. Especially with a 3rd pregnancy. You look great…with the pregnancy I am the same way I am showed earlier (my 3rd as well) In fact I had some rude comments at 5 months asking if I was due that week…grrr.

  6. Disillusioned

    You look just fine…hell, don’t feel too badly, that’s what I looked like on my FIRST pregnancy! (First and last I might add).
    I gained 80 pound with that little shit and went from a size 5 to a size 16 in 9 month. The stretch marks didn’t get *too* out of control on my stomach, but my ass, boobs, thighs, hell even my armpits took a beating for ****’s sake. :)
    So let it be known, by looking at these pictures, I think you look absolutely great, and you don’t look at ALL like you started out overweight.

  7. Gary

    Yvonne, my dad told me that if my job was to shovel shit I should concentrate on the shoveling and not on the shit. Well, your job is to have a baby and that grows your abdomen. So concentrate on that baby and not on that abdomen. After the little one is here you can drop that extra weight and get back to your formerly buff self in a few of months.
    I was away for a few days and got behind in reading so let me say this about your post on your (former) church. That type church is perfect…for some people. Some must have that structure around them but not everyone. Find a good church that believes in the Baptism in the Holy Spirit but without so many structures. They do exist and there are many who are very accepting of people who are not into leagalisms. I wish you success in your search.

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