No matter what you say, I’M RIGHT ABOUT THIS!!!

I just washed my husbands wallet for about the 4th time in our 13 year marriage. Of course, he’s all pissed off.
He says it’s MY responsibility to check HIS pockets before I put HIS clothes in the washer.
I say it’s HIS responsibilty that HE empty HIS pockets before he puts HIS jeans in the hamper.
He disagrees.
I say he’s dead wrong.
He’s a grown man, he should empty his pockets.
I need you people to take a side. Is it my fault his wallet got washed because I didn’t check his pockets or is it his fault for not being responsible and emptying his pockets?
I have a feeling the men are going to back him up on this one and the women will be all “DAMN RIGHT IT’S HIS FAULT!”

45 thoughts on “No matter what you say, I’M RIGHT ABOUT THIS!!!

  1. Rachael

    I never check Adam’s pockets. He always empties his pockets the second he gets home. I shouldn’t have to check his pockets. I’m not his slave!

  2. Wench

    It is HIS responsibility to empty HIS pockets before putting HIS clothing in the laundry.
    I had the same argument with my man about a year ago and to this day HE empties HIS pockets before even removing said clothing from his body.

  3. Shannon

    In my house it’s the responsiblity of the owner of the clothes to clean out the pockets. However I also check the pockets and claim the right to a finders fee for whatever I remove prior to washing :)

  4. emily

    He’s a grown man and should be washing his own fucking laundry. If he doesn’t want you to ruin his wallet he should take it out Better yet, wash them himself.

  5. kat

    He should take it out himself and if he leaves it up to you to clean out his pockets, then all the cash in the pockets is yours as a fee for the extra work.

  6. zenwanderer

    Hummmm, It is his responsibilty to take HIS wallet out of HIS pants. OTH, knowing that he doesn’t it is your job to do it if you don’t want the enevitable argument.
    Kat has the right idea, if he does leave it in the pocket then all cash is yours!

  7. picklejuice

    Hell yeah – in my house (five of us) it’s all I can do to just manage to separate the whites from colors, let alone go rifling through everyone’s pockets. I usually try to (because kids leave crayons and mud and dumb shit in their clothes) and whatever cash I find is MINE, but I’m not responsible for anything left in pockets that I miss that gets washed. Homework assignments, receipts, whatever – it’s not my responsibility. Next time, think before you dump your stuff in the hamper.
    What you really need to do is take a couple of twenty dollar bills and tell Tony you found them in the wash so you’re keeping them and are going to go blow it all on ice cream and pedicures. That’ll teach him really quickly to take his crap out of his own pockets.
    Alternately, just stop washing his shit because OBVIOUSLY you’re too STUPID to save HIS wallet from the water and you really don’t trust yourself with that much responsibility.

  8. chelle

    as one that has washed and ruined a wallet and 3 watches (yes 3, but who keeps their wristwatch in their pocket anyway?) I will have to agree with you. I was in a lot of trouble but if it’s that important why is it in your pocket thrown in the laundry( or in my husband’s case, on the floor next to the laundry basket)? I don’t know why I have to take care of my husband’s stuff too, isn’t it enough I take care of mine and the kids stuff???

  9. djmofo

    uggghhh makes me want to beat him.
    tell him, “look, the days of slavery and servatude are over. you’re X years old. learn how to do things on your own. i’m not your maid, i’m not your mamma, i’m not your slave. check your own pockets. put it this way, if i check your pockets, find a wallet, i’m going to take all the cash out of it since i don’t get a real salary. dig?”

  10. yvonne

    Now where the fuck are all the men at?
    You know you can’t back the man up on this one so you’re keeping the fuck quiet.
    I love it.

  11. BillH

    Are his eyes brown? His full of shit about this. Of course, you can tell him anything found in the wash is something you get to keep… Maybe that will make him empty his pockets?

  12. Louise

    I have washed my own wallet and gotten mad at myself for not emptying my own pockets beforehand. Then I got mad at myself for not checking my pockets before putting stuff in the wash.
    When I used to do the laundry at my parents’, I got to keep any money that I found in the pockets.
    Tony’s wrong, is what I’m saying.
    Of course, I also scorch my underpants in the microwave.

  13. Jessica

    You’re his wife, not his mother. He’s a big boy, and can empty his own damn pockets.
    I actually have a shoebox that I keep by the bed for my husband when he empties his pockets, simply because he has SO MUCH SHIT in his pockets. The man needs a purse. But I have to admit, he is good about the pocket emptying, and I never have washed anything important.

  14. guruvious

    You are 100% right.
    If he doesn’t like it, stop washing his clothes. Then pack your pockets full of sharp objects.
    Men like him give the rest of us a bad name.

  15. Brenda

    You are sooo right!! You have ENOUGH pockets to check with you and the kids (and the things kids put in their pockets… a whole other issue) He is a big boy and should check his own dang pockets!

  16. James McDone

    Damn strait woman, it is his own dam fault for leaving his wallet in his pocket. Don’t take any shit from him.

  17. eddie

    I’m a guy. I agree with you. What kind of asshat doesn’t empty his freakin’ pockets? Laundry is already a pain in the ass (and my least favorite chore). Why make things worse by checking all the having to check all the damn pockets? You’re lucky the shit gets sorted in my house let alone “pocket checked.” I will agree with the afore mentioned “finders fee.” But I just check the bottom of the washer tub for loose change.. too lazy to go for the dolla bills.
    Ummm… I think I click “Freak me?” Sorry.. I’m new here.

  18. Chasmyn

    Yep, you’re right on this one. It is the responsibility of the owner of the clothing to take shit out of his own pockets. You don’t ask him to check YOUR pockets before you do laundry, do you? If you wash his wallet, or a pen, or a watch, or whatever he leaves in there, not your fault. The laundry needs to be ready-to-wash when it goes into the machine, and it’s enough that you are washing it, you don’t have to make sure the pockets are empty, too.

  19. Jett

    I have a piggy bank sitting on my computer desk. It is full of The Spoils Of Laundraaaay.
    I made it absofuckinglutely clear many, many moons ago that whatever I find in the laundry that is not clothing-related belongs to me and I can do with it what I see fit. Anything that ain’t cash goes in the garbage, no questions asked.
    If it’s money, it goes into my piggy bank. I used to treat myself to something nice every six months or so. Rewards are now getting fewer and farther between because everybody seems to understand now that Momma Really Fucking Means It.

  20. Melly

    He should empty his own pockets. A wallet is imporant, he should put it in a safe spot, not leave it in his pocket in the dirty clothes hamper.
    I put my husbands mobile phone through the wash once, but that was partly my fault. The pants were not in the hamper, but on the bedroom floor where he had left them after stepping out of them the night before. So technically, he hadn’t put them out to be washed. Notice, however, I said “partly” my fault, lol.
    He always checks his pockets before putting stuff in the hamper. His Mum trained him well, bless her.

  21. terry

    From a man: You are right Yvonne. Tony needs to be a man and empty his own pockets. As his wife, you are there to help and support him, not be his mother. Tough Tony, you lose this one.

  22. waistdog

    I’m with Lisa.
    You have a Hamper?
    You’re right Yvonne.
    And as the official maid, you need to get paid.
    You find the wallet.
    Take the cash.
    He’ll figure it out.

  23. Chuck

    I don’t carry cash in my wallet ever. The things that do reside in there are probably more important, like my ID’s, SSN, and credit cards. All my telephone numbers are there too (yes they are on little scraps of paper), and realizing how important all of that is to me, I take the responsibility for knowing where my wallet is at ALL times. I’ trying to teach my son this as well. You are right on this. Just one last thought; when/if you check his pants and you find his wallet(again!), hide it for a couple of days and then a lesson will be learned.

  24. Brad

    This is a no-brainer. It’s not your job to empty his pockets. Maybe you should introduce a rule: If you’re old enough to shave, you’re old enough to empty your damn pockets.

  25. michelle

    absolutely his job.
    last argument we had about laundry i told him to do it himself and then proceeded to empty an entire basket of his laundry out onto the deck. lol.
    worked for awhile.

  26. Julia

    Why are you doing his laundry? I got complaints once. Went on strike – everything, cooking, cleaning, EVERYTHING – When they could no longer find any clean clothes and they got hungry, I got roses…and no more complaints. Of course, that was another husband ago, but I retain the right to use the strategy again if needed.

  27. Michelle

    I say it is his responsibility. It doesn’t take that much effort on his part. I sure as hell don’t have to time to rummage through my husband’s pockets before laundry- that valuable time that my baby could be sneaking off into the fireplace again for the 500th time today.

  28. Ann

    Not your fault. He should empty his own pockets. That said, I do double check the pockets of everything before it goes into the machine, but only to prevent assorted washing disasters involving chapstick, ink pens or those bits of paper that get all over the clothes when a receipt or note is left in a pocket. If I didn’t wash his clothes with mine, I probably wouldn’t check at all.

  29. Babz

    Why argue? He doesn’t want his wallet washed. He knows you don’t check pockets. So he checks them to make sure there’s nothing in them that he doesn’t want washed. End of story.

  30. Jeff

    My wife washed my damn wallet this morning. I was late for work looking for it, and I yelled at her when I found it in the washer….sorry…. It pisses me off, but I guess it’s my own fault.
    There should be some goddam technology in washers that prevents it!!!!
    By the way, she keeps any money she finds.

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