Make that 3 people I hate.

I had to go to the courthouse to pick up a work verification notice for jury duty. On my way out, I saw the defense attorney who represented a drunk driver who killed 4 people I cared for very much in a brutal car accident.
When I saw her, all of the anger and hatred I had for her during the trial instantly came back and I wanted to hit her.
I went to the trial every day that I could and during that time, I began to loathe this woman because she played so dirty. She knew he was guilty, she knew he had been arrested for drunk driving before, she knew he ran the stop sign in his big rig, taking out 4 innocent lives (2 of them children, 9 years old) she knew he was drunk and on drugs, she knew he tried to unhitch the trailor and leave it there with the car stuck underneath it, 4 people dead, 2 fighting for their lives. She knew it, but she tried to get him off anyway. She tried to get him off on technicalities, on this on that… I wondered back then, “How does this woman sleep at night?
She was one of the rudest women I’ve ever known in my life. So insensitive to the families. Ugh.
At one point during the trail, she told the judge he would plead guilty if they lessened the charges from murder to vehicular manslaughter, but the prosecutors refused to lessen the charges, so they went ahead on with the “not guilty” plea.
Thankfully, the jury found him guilty on all charges.
I shudder to think what would have happened if verdict was not guilty. That man would have been set free, he would have walked away from there, maybe gotten drunk again and maybe killed more innocent people. And it would have been possible thanks to her.

6 thoughts on “Make that 3 people I hate.

  1. sphinx

    I’ll never understand how anyone could defend a guilty person.
    And on another note… I hate jury duty. I have it on the 30th of this month. Arg.

  2. Babz

    How in the hell does someone like that sleep at night?
    Actually, she probably sleeps very well under some very high thread count sheets, bought with the money she’s made off the misery of others. She’s a scum-sucking, bottom-dwelling scavenger. The lowest of the low. And you know what? I’d rather have self-respect, and the respect of others, than to live with what she sees in the mirror every day.

  3. Tracy

    I’ve never had jury duty. I always thought it would be interesting though.
    And while I don’t understand anyone WANTING to be a defense attorney for scumbags like that guy, if she hadn’t done EVERYTHING she could to try and get him off, he might have walked due to her incompetence – so you should be happy she was such a rag.
    I would imagine people like her have to develop a brusk demeanor and a thick skin, or they’d go insane doing their jobs.

  4. Firebrand

    As much as I’m with you on hating defense attorneys, Tracy is right. If that woman hadn’t done everything possible, there would be appeals up the wazoo and it would be all the more hassle.
    I really can relate….the man who was driving an 18-wheeler and fell asleep at the wheel, running a red light and killing my cousin….all he got was motor vehicle manslaughter. Nebraska has some screwy, screwy laws the make it a very thin line between manslaughter and murder. In fact, the kids who have been charged with the death of another friend of mine from this past summer are up on manslaughter charges, not murder.
    I guess what I’m saying is this, I completely relate to your hatred, I really do…. I just try not to let it consume me, because, in my mind, that gives the killers all the more power.

  5. waistdog

    When you go to court.
    You’re only as good as your lawyer.
    It doesn’t matter what you did, or didn’t do to end up there.
    The judicial system sucks.
    They drag things out so long.
    Play so many games.
    Turn most cases into such a circus.
    My favorite thing of all, is jury duty.
    Why should you have to have an excuse to not serve on jury duty?
    IF you don’t want to.
    That should be a good enough reason.
    But if you don’t show.
    They’ll throw YOUR ass in jail.
    So the person on trial, ends up with a jury of pissed off people, that don’t want to be there.

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