going up?

I am physically, emotionally and diarrahaealy exhausted.
I have spent the past 5 hours going between the 2nd and 4th floor of the community hospital visiting both of my grandmothers.

My dad’s mom has been in the hospital for over a week now. My mom’s mom was just admitted last night with heart attack symptoms.
I was very upset last night after seeing her. You have to understand my grandmother is the strongest, most amazing woman I have ever known. I could go on for hours why that statement is true… And to see her hooked up to tubes and looking very scared, it tore me up inside.
I’m very close to my grandma Wilma. She was my second mother growing up, I lived at her house. She taught me to cook and sew and how to be a strong woman who speaks up.
She also taught me so many wonderful things about God and how much he loved me.
I love her more than I could put into words.
Today when I got there to see her, the doctor was in with her and he said that she probably just had a pinched nerve and was going to send her home.
Oh. My. God. They had to hold me and my aunt back.
Last night, the doctor in the ER told her she had to stay because if he sent her home, she’d go home and die of a heart attack.
Now this jerk off is telling her it’s a pinched nerve.
Me and my aunt refused to let him get away with that, so he finally broke down and asked a cardiologist to come see her before he released her. Yeah, dumbass, that’s who should be seeing her in the first place. She’s had 3 small heart attacks. She was up all night with pain in her arm and chest and breaking into sweats when her chest would start hurting. She’s short of breathe, SHE’S 82 YEARS OLD.
Fucking pinched nerve.
I swear to God I wanted to kick his nards.
My mom told me to calm down, that’s he’s the doctor and he knows best.
Bullshit. He doesn’t care about her, he just wants to get her out of there.
Maybe I’m just too emotional, but I know my grandmother is not up all night with a pinched nerve. She has too high a tolerance for pain. If she went to see the doctor, it’s because she knew it was probably her heart and was scared.
I finally had to leave the hospital because my boys were getting restless and hungry and the cardiologist still had not seen her. So, I’m waiting for my mom to call when he gets there so I can make sure he doesn’t just blow her off like the doctor did.
As far as my other grandma, (granny) I think she’s not going to make it much longer and I’m ok with that. She’s 97 and lived a very full and good life and it’s time for her to finally rest…
I was right. The cardiologist said it is her heart. It is not a “pinched nerve” and he will not be sending her home. Infact, they might do surgery tomorrow.
Had we not challenged Dr.Pinched Nerve. Had we not raised hell, he never would have called in a cardiologist and my grandmother would be home right now, with a bad heart. I hope I run into that asshole tomorrow.

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  1. Firebrand

    I *perfectly* understand why you’re so upset, Yvonne. I talk to doctors everyday and, unfortunately, far too many of them have that crappy “God” complex and think that the patient and their family is just nutso when insisting on a different course of treatment or a second opinion. Of course they ~must~ be right, they’re the doctor after all. *rolls eyes* I say that they are the ones who are more likely to know the patient and their history best. I probably would have said the exact same thing. Go you!
    I will say a prayer that your grandmother will be alright…. and back up and fiesty as ever soon!

  2. Kathy Howe

    I am soooooo very, very sorry to hear about your grandma’s.
    I’ll be sending you and your entire family lots of healthy and peaceful wishes.
    Don’t forget to take care of yourself.

  3. Missy

    I am so glad to hear that they got the cardiologist in there to see your grandmother. It’s sad when you have to fight with the doctors to ensure that a person gets *cared* for, and not just brushed off.
    They need to start treating people as people, instead of as just another number.

  4. Melly

    I’m really glad you stood your ground and insisted on that cardiologist. Doctors don’t ALWAYS know what’s best, and your grandmother sure as hell knows her body better than that asshole.

  5. Lisa

    Oh, man, Yvonne. You and your aunt did the right thing. I’m praying for your grandma and for the drs treating her. I hope she’ll be fine.

  6. dana michelle

    I can’t say much different than what’s already been said here, but hats off to you two for insisting on the cardiologist.
    Hope all goes well with her and she’s able to come home soon. I will keep her and your other grandma in my prayers.

  7. keith

    Somehow, I’m not the least bit surprised that you stood up for your grandmother, and demanded that someone give her an honest evaluation. Good for you!!

  8. etherian

    God bless you and your grannies, Yvonne. And when you run into Dr. Pinched Nerve (with your car) make sure you make a deep impression on his face. That ass.

  9. kathy

    Can’t remember if I have ever commented here or not, but had to this time.
    First, I am sorry for both of your grannies.
    I can relate to this completely. My granny M is my favorite person in this world, minus my kids. She sounds a lot like Wilma. She had heart surgery in 98 and many episodes since then. I can’t tell you how many times I have fought to have her stay in the hospital after an ER visit because they couldn’t pull their heads out of their asses. I may not be a doctor, but I have been her caregiver during her illnesses and I do know a little something about when things aren’t as they are telling me.
    Hang in there and don’t let anyone tell you not to challenge them. I would rather be wrong then to have them be wrong and something happen to my granny because they are asses.

  10. Chasmyn

    Man, I hope you run into him, too. That makes Me mad, how they do that, brushing people off because they want them out of there. That guy ought to be written up or something – perhaps you can talk to his supervisor and see that he gets reamed properly for it (you can talk to the hospital director, too, if his supervisor doesn’t do the trick – trust me, I’ve had to on occasion).

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