Calendar of love.

I found my wall calender from 1989, the year I graduated. I haven’t been able to throw it away all these years because it is the year I fell in love with the man I am married to.
May 7, 1989- “Tony told me he loves me! HE LOVES ME!”
Nov 24, 1989- “Tony kissed me. Our first kiss.”
Jan 13, 1990- MFT!!!!
“MFT” that’s all it says.
Any guesses what those initials stand for? heh.
And my God, the man tells me he loves me in May and doesn’t kiss me until NOVEMBER? What the hell was his problem? What the hell was my problem? Could it be because I was a pastors kid? Who knows.
That’s some messed up love affair.

8 thoughts on “Calendar of love.

  1. christine

    Awwww. Your first time. I was thinking the same thing…took him over six months to finally kiss you. That is too funny. So how was ‘MFT’ anyway?

  2. Quinn

    When I read djmofo’s comment “my muff is tight” I nearly spewed a mouthful of wine everywhere. fucking hilarious!
    Ahhh, go away for months at a time, and when ya return, this place is still the same as always :)
    I love this site..

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