Oh, life.

My mom just called to tell me that Granny isn’t doing well. She went into the hospital on Wednesday after falling. They called my mom this morning to tell her that Granny had a stroke and can’t eat on her own anymore.

I’m going to go see her since it doesn’t look like she has much time left, however, the doctor told us not to take his word for it because my Granny always pulls through. She’s so strong. She had brain surgery 3 years ago (she was 94) and was in a coma for a week, but she pulled through and came out of it just fine.
She’s been a little crazy, ok, A LOT crazy recently. She believes that the police are after, my uncle was trying to have her killed, she is pregant by her son in law, my cousin has babies buried in the backyard… and so on and so forth, but physically, she’s strong.
I don’t feel in my heart she’s going to make it this time so I need to go spend some time with her.
It’s funny, I wasn’t close to her growing up, not like I am with my other grandma, but it’s still sad to think of her not being here anymore. I can’t imagine not hearing her funny stories every Thursday when she’s at my mom’s house.

8 thoughts on “Oh, life.

  1. Rachael

    Hugs lady.
    If she does pass, I hope it’s peaceful. She’s obviously lived a long, full life.
    If she doesn’t pass, I wish her a speedy recovery.
    Take care Yvonne!

  2. Louise

    Yvonne, having gone through the same thing with my own grandmaman, I can only say that whatever happens with your granny, I know that you will hold on to your good memories of her and pass them on to your children.

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