I am the master of talking in circles and confusing the hell out of the people with whom I converse.

The other night Tony popped open a bottle of beer. I made a comment about how unfair it was that he can still drink liquor and I can’t. At first, he got defensive, but I told him I don’t care that he drinks. BUT!
I told him that I miss being able to have a drink with him on the weekends.
Then, I convieniently brought up how my friend Jodi’s husband quit smoking with her when she found out she was pregnant.
“You want me to quit drinking beer while you’re pregnant, y, is that what you’re getting at?”
I responded with “Well, I think it’s only fair.”
I quickly took it back. It’s not fair to ask him to give up his beer because I’m pregnant.
Or is it?
He told me he was tempted to buy some last night, but he didn’t. I felt bad, so I told him I really don’t want him to stop if he’s doing it for me because honestly, it doesn’t bother me if he drinks. Asking him to give it up was really just one of those “girly” things that I do sometimes. You know, the whole “If you really loved me, you would sacrifice your beer for me while I’m pregnant” routine.
He said he’s giving it up and he’s doing it by his choice, but now I feel like some bitchy wife and I’m tempted to go to the MARKET tonight, buying him a 12 pack and telling him “If you love me, you’ll drink the beer that I went out and got you, damnit because I don’t want you to end up resenting me!”
But I won’t. He’s a grown man, and he can do what he wants and he knows this.

10 thoughts on “I am the master of talking in circles and confusing the hell out of the people with whom I converse.

  1. Laura

    I think it contains aspirin, which you’re not supposed to take when you’re pregnant. I’m not sure why that is, though.
    I was newly pregnant last year at this time, which made for a sucky New Year’s Eve. More annoying than not being able to drink, in my opinion, is that it’s harder to be around drunk people when you’re sober. Drunk people are just obnoxious when you’re not one of them!

  2. jewdez

    i cannot stand the ‘mol, i’d rather die of indigestion first. as for the beer – i can sorta understand, sorta sympathize with tony… although, this is the *3rd* kid..he otta be used to the ahem joys of pregnacy…he *is* the one that got you in the position…lol :)

  3. Dania

    Errr..I LIVED on that stuff while pregnant..and Tums
    Now I can’t even look at that pink stuff without gagging 😉

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