23 thoughts on “Guess what I’m going to buy at Target today?

  1. amy

    omg..I thougt I was last week because I was like 2 weeks late, and tired….so, bought one, negative, and next day…”surfing”??? WTF? Well Luck be with you, however which way you want it…

  2. Pie

    Sit out on your front porch with a shotgun and shoot the Stork before he gets into your house 😉 er, that is unless you’re happy about it!

  3. yvonne

    what’s scaring me? The fact that even though I would love another child, it’s not the best thing for our family right now.
    I’m on anti depressents. We’re broke.
    And we’re just so happy the way things are right now.
    So I’m just scared of things like that, but I would love another child, I would.
    It’s just not the time.

  4. Joe

    Josie got fixed last time she was on the table having a baby, it was a c-section so it only made sense seeing this was our last.

  5. aimless

    I hope it’s just your other meds messing you up, or stress or something. My last was a real accident, a great example of failed methods. Like how did I end up being the in the 12% end of this deal? Well the boobs hurting and tiredness thing is definitely worrisome. But with you’re sense of humor and your two beautiful boys you’ll be fine even if you are. And no one ever thinks they have enough $$ for a baby. Enough blah blah blah. Thinking of you.

  6. Suz~

    Just for the record, this very same thing happened to me 12 years ago and it was very difficult. Now, however, I have the most amazing and wonderful 11 year old boy you’ve ever seen. And like they say 3rd times a charm…. Good luck.

  7. Tracy

    Nah, it’s just some cosmic force making us all late.
    Then again, maybe it’s just mother nature being a bitch to me again. I’m traveling to canada next week – and I’m a week late. Damn aunt flo couldn’t work shit out so she’s not visiting while I’m freaking travelling!!! With MEN. {sigh}

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