If your name starts with a “J” and has “oell” in the middle and ends with “e”, you might not want to read this post

Last night we went to Claim Jumper for our anniversary dinner. Now, if you’ve never had the pleasure of eating at this restaraunt, you can’t even begin to understand how huge the portions they serve are.

Tony had the best idea ever. He said we should order the appetizer combo and share it. I was down with that, however, I thought we should each add a bowl of soup. He was down with that. Let me show you what comes with the appetizer combo…
Appetizer Combo
Some of our most Popular Appetizers Artichoke, Buffalo Wings, Zucchini, Mozzarella Sticks, Parmesan Garlic Rings, Loaded Skins, Cheese Potatocake and Southwest Eggroll.

What you have to understand is this. The food is not normal sized portions. The cheesesticks are as big as corn dogs. The fried zucchins are an entire zuchinni, sliced in half down the middle. And you don’t get get the food, it comes with 40 different dipping sauces.
I also got the potato cheese soup in a sourdough bread bowl.
I’m still full and I feel a bit sick. So does Tony.
But it didn’t stop me from heating up the leftovers and having a few bites.
I need help.

5 thoughts on “If your name starts with a “J” and has “oell” in the middle and ends with “e”, you might not want to read this post

  1. mabel

    enjoy it. because when it’s gone, it’s gone. and it’s back to the normal diet. don’t feel guilty. if you did it every single day, then you can feel guilty.
    now i have to go get something to eat. gee, thanks alot.

  2. keith

    We don’t have the luxury of Claim Jumper restaurants in Charlotte, NC. Thank goodness we have plenty of local Greek restauranteurs, though. Oh, and Lupie’s Cafe, too!!
    And mabel’s right. One day of celebration is what it was. As long as you don’t do it every day and/or every week, you’re alright.
    CONGRATULATIONS to you and Tony on 13 years together!! That’s quite the accomplishment, and you both deserve to be proud, especially of the boys you’ve raised together.

  3. Butterflies

    Thankyu!!!!! I love to hear what ppl eat..I think maybe somethings wrong with me but I always look at the tables on all sides of us at resturants just to see what they ordered….I NEVER know what I want :

  4. James

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