Permanent wave.

In my Junior year in high school, I was in love with a boy named Ruben.
Ruben was one fine mexican.
One day, I decided to curl my beautiful, straight, long hair for school.
I walked into English class and Ruben was there, he looked at me and said…
Damn… you look fine, girl, if you got a perm, I’d totally date you.”
My parents did not allow me to perm my hair, it was against our religion, as was wearing makeup, going to dances, wearing mini skirts, talking to boys on the phone, participating in after school activities, hanging out with friends that weren’t Christians, etc.
Ruben discriminated against me for having naturally straight hair, thus missing out on the honor of being able to point at my picture in the yearbook and say “I dated her.”

7 thoughts on “Permanent wave.

  1. mabel

    good thing no one told him…god knows what your hair would look like now. with all the perms he’d require, it could’ve made you bald by now.
    when i was a kid, one of my friends came from a fanatical christian family, southern baptist, actually her dad was a minister. she couldn’t play cards or listen to rock or wear shorts. i moved just as we were hitting puberty. it would’ve been interesting to see what happened then. maybe nothing.

  2. Iki

    That’s amazing… I dated one fine ass mexican guy named Ruben in high school. And I’ve got to say, mine was a genuinely nice guy. You’re better off without yours. He sounds like a dipshit. 😉

  3. Mac

    I have this really funny imagery in my head of your family bible. In the bible is a whole list of commandments that include “Thou shall not wear a mini skirt” and “Thou shall not wear thy hair permed” and then a little notation that says “Only a harlot wears lipstick. Wearing lipstick is an offense punishable by being turned into a pile of salt!”
    I don’t know why I think that’s so funny!

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