It’s all about the poop.

Ethan just walked in the door from school, he went straight to the bathroom, hopped right back out, (with his shorts and undies around his ankle) and said..
“I’m getting to be just like dad, the first thing he does when he comes home from work, is take a dump, the first thing I do when I get home from school is take a dump.”
I held back the laugh and said “yep, you are turning into dad.”
“Well, mom, I’m growing into a man, and we all know that’s what men do, take dumps.

Truer words…

8 thoughts on “It’s all about the poop.

  1. emily

    Hmmm… is that what men do? I knew they took a long time doing it, but I didn’t realize it was a practically a course study.

  2. yvonne

    Emily, according to my six year old boy, that’s what men do, and when you have a six year old, you learn quickly that they are always right! 😉

  3. Lessa

    *LMAO* well then! That’s certainly what men do. And scratch their balls. and spit. and wrestle. and other manly stuffs.
    and my 4 year old is always right too. To think we have to wait until they’re grown with kids of their own before we get to be right again….. *L*

  4. ozone ferd

    May I offer a suggestion, have the boy read while taking a dump…that is what we really do in there, besides the normal body functions.
    Relax, read and take a load off…literally. His reading skills will improve greatly and he’ll be going through 3-4 books a month.
    That is the only way I find time to read. 1 dump = 2 chapters. Diarrhea = 4-5 chapters.

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