I hope the shakes stop soon.

21 hours.
And in my 21 hours of no computer I came to this conclusion.

Tony knows of what he speaks. I am indeed addicted to the internet.
I admit it.
I accept it.
Shocking, I know.
Me and Tony were watching TV on the couch, he looked at me and said “It’s killing you, I know it.” I told him I wanted to go on, but I wasn’t going to because I was going to prove him wrong. He said “that just proves I’m right!!! You’re addicted and it’s killing you that you can’t check your email.”
He was right, he won. I lost.
It’s amazing what I was able to accomplish without the distraction of the computer though. by 10 this morning, I had gone walking, went to the DMV, washed the inside and outside of my car, did the dishes, folded laundry, went to Starbucks…
Damn, come to think of it, I need to shut this thing off more often.
But since it’s on… WHO WANTS TO COLOR?

9 thoughts on “I hope the shakes stop soon.

  1. mabel

    well, i’ve learned one thing by your experiment, yvonne. everyone on this planet should have a computer and be on the internet. then there’d be no time to make war. sure you can have a war of words, but at least, we can all be around a bit longer.
    nice to have you back anyhow.

  2. emily

    I think it’s fun to walk away for a bit. Then when you come back you have a ton of email to read. Much better than coming back every five minutes and only finding that only one person loves me.
    *sigh* I have issues.

  3. yvonne

    Melly, let me recount how much you miss me.
    me: melly, it’s yvonne.
    you:I’m eating, call me back.
    me: ok
    you: click.
    Not even a HI YVONNE, just call me back.

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