Fire update.

The fire has now moved closer to where I live. I am still not in any danger because we’re far enough south of the hills, but I have so many friends that are preparing to evacuate. I drove up to the park where I walk everymorning. It’s such a beautiful area up there, with amazing, expensive homes. Now it looks like a war zone, and I’m not exaggerating, Missy!!!! It’s burning all around, people are walking around with masks on so they can breathe. There are people on the roofs of their houses with hoses, wetting everything down. A lot of the homeowners in that area own horses. It’s truly unbelievable.

5 thoughts on “Fire update.

  1. kiteless

    well i’ll keep you in my thoughts! i hope the fires dont come close enough to you so you have to leave. i’ll be thinking of your friends too!

  2. Alicia

    I can’t even imagine what it’s like up there, with all that smoke. The smoke has engulfed even my far side of Riverside and I can’t even go outside without coughing.
    I won’t let my daughter play outside right now, as all her toys are covered in such gunk from the smoke, but she just doesn’t understand. :( I hope this fire is contained soon.
    I know it’s moving fast, and hope you’ll remain safe. You’ve been in my thoughts since I found out it was burning near your area.

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