I’m a texture girl

I love apple crisp and apple pie, but I hate the apples in it. I just eat the crust and the sauce, but I throw away the apples. I love the flavors of apples, but biting into soggy, warm ones disgust me.
I do the same things with onion rings. I just eat the breading, but I can’t bite into the onion, unless it’s reeeeeeally thin and crispy, but biting into a thick, soggy onion just isn’t ok with my mouth.
Tony says this makes me weird.
I told him to shutup and go buy me an apple pie from McDonalds.

11 thoughts on “I’m a texture girl

  1. Tina

    My boyfriend thinks I’m weird for doing the same thing!
    I’ll get a McDonald’s apple pie, then pick out the apples, and just eat the crust and the sauce.
    He just gives me a weird look. So I start throwing the apple chunks at him. =)

  2. etherian

    I’m that way about both those things. We have a Hometown Buffet here that makes a killer apple crisp – I always scrape the crispy stuff from the top. YUM.

  3. Jael

    Add me to Tony’s list of weird people. I do the exact same thing. I take it one step further..I will not eat beer battered or those frozen onion rings. Only flour battered and the size of a hubcap will do. It is hard to find those kind these days though. :(

  4. Sunidesus

    I’m a texture girl too!
    I can’t stand the way bananas feel in my mouth, but I love the taste of bananas in stuff. Or banana flavored candy.
    And mushrooms, what the heck are they? THey’re all slimy and icky in my mouth.

  5. vickie

    ewww…McDONALDS apple pie???
    Never mind that there must be 23,000 calories in those things…they taste like cardboard!!

  6. skurdycat

    I know exactly what you mean and you can add me to your weird-texture-people-party….because I absolutely HATE raisins but I eat raisin bran but not the raisins. People tell me just to get bran flakes but I don’t like them because they don’t have raisins in them..lol

  7. James

    My friend is weird too. He like onion rings but not onions, he likes ketchup but not tomatoes. I will never get some people “-P

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