Eating for two.

I had to go to the district office this morning to take care of some health insurance business. As I was walking down the hall, I could feel my ass moving and shaking and I thought to myself, “My ass has evolved into it’s own person.”
I do believe my ass needs it’s own name and social security number. I imagine as I’m walking, the people behind me are waving at it, winking at it, maybe laughing at it or flipping it off, or perhaps they’re thinking “Damn, ass, you need to lose some weight, it’s not good for your heart to be that big.”
I believe it has it’s even got its own personality. It’s carefree and likes to live life on the edge. It has good days and bad days. It has feelings.
My ass. The individual.
I really need to give it a name.
“Good morning, Sunshine.”
Yeah, I like that.

40 thoughts on “Eating for two.

  1. Tracy

    Well, at least you didn’t say you were going to name it “Tony”…
    I had a b/f who insisted on naming the twins…I humored him…he picked “Bonnie and Clyde”. How WRONG is that?

  2. Lauren

    hmmm… so if your ass had its own identity and own SS# would that mean it could get its own credit? Oh god… that’d be dangerous!!!!

  3. azure

    hehe…ok, i’ll be the one to say it…if you’re gonna go w/”kissmy”, why not “fuckmy” 😉 *runs off laughing hysterically*
    p.s. if ever an ass needed to be named…

  4. christina

    Well thank GOD you didn’t steal the name of MY ass… I call it… MOONshine.
    No. That’s a lie.
    I don’t have to call it. It just follows me around everywhere I go. Dammit.

  5. melly

    Azure, I need you to clear something up for me. When you say,”runs off laughing hysterically”, do you actually run off, laughing hysterically?

  6. Jenni

    All right, you inspired me, Yvonne. I’m Italian and my ass has a life of its own. No reason to be ashamed of it. (Riiight). I’m gonna call it….Cellie. As in cellulite. Because it has it. Anyone want some?

  7. Joe

    Does your ass try to get your attention by making funny noises? Does your ass try to get others attention by making it’s own pheromones? My ass is possessed, I think.

  8. PunkClown

    Awww I love it! I don’t have a name for your ass, but this does remind me of that story, which you may have heard, of the lady who was six months pregnant with her third child, and her three year old came into the room when she was just getting ready for the shower and said, “Mummy, you are getting really fat!”
    The lady replied, “Yes, honey, remember Mummy has a baby growing in her tummy.”
    “I know,” the child replied, but what’s growing in your bum?”

  9. azure

    melly, i must admit…i do not run off…however, i did laugh pretty hard…yes, i know…at my own damn joke…pathetic, ain’t it?? 😉

  10. kelly

    this post made me laugh… i have a manly, tough marine friend who recently objected to the fact that i insist on calling him ‘princess’… and grudgingly settled on ‘sunshine’ instead.

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