Why can’t they be babies for ever?

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I took my boys to their first day of first and fifth grade at 7:30 this morning. The first day of school is always a very emotional one for me. Today was such a mix of emotions. One part of me is excited to finally have the entire day to myself, to do the things I need to do, or just to relax. The other part of me is sad and lonely. I am going to miss them. I already miss their sweet little voices.

I’m sitting here laughing as I’m writing this, and at the same time tears are streaming down my face. They’re growing up so fast. Too fast. Watching them grow is so bittersweet. I just never imagined the day when both of my boys would be in school all day would come so fast. I still remember when Andrew was in kindergarten and as sad as that was for me, I had Ethan here to keep me company. Now, it’s just. Me and the dogs. Me and the dogs and my computer. Me and the dogs and my computer and the TV.
But look at the smiles on their faces, they were so excited and happy to be there, so I find comfort in that. Knowing they want to be there.
I just like it better when they’re here with me.

12 thoughts on “Why can’t they be babies for ever?

  1. tj

    you and the dogs and the computer and the tv and the ICE CREAM! w00t!
    let me know what happens on general hospital. er, so i can let me wife know … yeah, that’s it.

  2. trish

    They are so funny and such camera hogs. The peace out one is hilarious! The first day of school is bittersweet, I agree!

  3. James

    My only sibling is my 10-year-old brother (he’ll turn 11 on Oct. 31st). He goes to a year-round elementary school and today he graduates. In another week, he starts middle school. Because of the little over 20-year age gap, I feel like a combo big brother/dad, so I know what you mean . . . they grow up sooooo fast.

  4. Doll

    I know… I know… today was day 1 of Kindergarten for my son. It felt so odd to not have my little shadow following me around the house all morning!

  5. Vickie

    uh oh…the day they leave for college won’t be pretty. I know…today was my oldest’s first day back,,,,doesn’t get any easier :(

  6. Amy

    I know what you mean… my two start 1st and 4th next Wednesday… and I’ll be back to the office full time. I’m looking forward to it, but I’m not…
    Your two are so freaking adorable. (just like mine. heh)

  7. dania

    Okay so i’m the only bad mother that wanted to throw a keg party last wednesday when both my kids were in school all day?….crap!

  8. Empress

    Dania – nope. My kids all started college this week. Some of them returning and one of them for his freshman year. It’s great!

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