You just never know how you’re gonna go…

I almost died at the hands of a water bottle right now.
Luckily I was home alone so my children can’t mock me for the rest of my life that at the fact I almost drowned from a water bottle didn’t have to suffer the trauma of watching their mom gasping for breath on the kitchen floor.
Do not ask for details, they are too painful to talk about.
I just can’t stop thinking how people would have been laughing at my funeral and how someone would walk up to the graveside with a water bottle and Tony would scream “nooooooooooo , how could youuuuuuuuuuuuu.” and knock them to the ground and grab the bottle and how everyone would have to pull him off the stupid ass who didn’t think it might not be a good idea to bring the thing that caused my death to the graveside.
Near death experiences aren’t fun.

13 thoughts on “You just never know how you’re gonna go…

  1. God

    Yvonne, it was me watching, not the JC. Sorry I wasn’t quicker on the draw. Truth be told, I was giggling a bit myself.

  2. robyn

    Todd thought of you at the beach today and made me snap this for ya’…
    I hope this wasn’t one of those Time Life book, “2000 miles away her friends were at the beach thinking of her, and at that very exact moment she almost drowned by water bottle” kinda deals. 😉

  3. yvonne

    ohhhhh it’s totally todd’s fault! hehe, that’s so funny, now if you have a picture of an actual (hot) latino or latina on the beach, I’ll forgive him.

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