The romance continues…

Me: I adore you, my love.
Him: Then why don’t you go clean that bathroom and prove it?
Me: You’re such an ass, if there is an award for the most unromantic
husband who ever lived you would win it every year until you die.

12 thoughts on “The romance continues…

  1. Buzz

    Oops. That ‘Empress’ comment was actually from me. I am using her computer and forgot to change the name. So hubby can get mad at me, not her. Sorry hon.

  2. Iki

    Get “you” off the computer, I meant. Damn, ruined a perfectly good one liner with typos. Story of my life.

  3. the mighty jimbo

    yep. we are all a bunch of charmers.
    sadly i think we get worse AFTER we get married
    if i was a woman i swear i would be a lesbian.
    well, then again, that kinda goes without saying doesnt it?

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