I love you.

I hate to see a friend hurting, sad, upset or just having a rough time.
It pains me, it truly does. I will lose sleep over it, I will worry constantly. I will think of things that I could do to make it better for them.
It’s frustrating sometimes because there’s really nothing you can do but just let them know you love them and are there for them.
I still can’t help but think of ways to make them smile, ways to make them laugh, ways to make them stop hurting. If I could take away their pain and sadness, I’d gladly do it.
I want to send flowers to brighten their day.
I want to send cards and tell them how much they mean to me.
I want to bake them cakes and let them know how sweet my life is with them in it.
I want to call them and just be there to listen.
I want to go hug them.
I want to spin on my head, burp, tell jokes, sing silly songs, or whatever it takes to make them laugh, just to see them smile for a second.
I do these things, and many more to let my friends whom I love know how much they mean to me, but the one thing I wish I could do that I can’t is make them stop hurting. It pains me and I feel so helpless at times.
I just hope knowing that I’m here and that I love them will help in some small way.

7 thoughts on “I love you.

  1. jen

    as one of your lucky friends, i have been on the receiving end of your love for me, during my hard times…and i can attest to the fact, that your love, helped pull me through, some rough shit.
    i’ll forever be in your debt, and will love you and do the same for you, any day.
    you rock my socks, girlie.

  2. Sonia

    I hope all your friends appreciate you and love you as much as you love them!!
    You truly are one in a million :)

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