I can’t hear you… lalalallalaaaaaa

Asking someone 324411 questions about what they did all day, how they did it, why they didn’t do it differently and so on and so forth is NOT A CONVERSATION. It is interrogation. And I don’t like it. At all.

10 thoughts on “I can’t hear you… lalalallalaaaaaa

  1. Tracy

    You know, it really burst my bubble that you didn’t enable comments on that last post. I swear, that’s the tenth time I’ve wanted to comment on something like that.
    Oh well, guess I’ll have to go find my muse and see if she has anything else for me to comment about.

  2. Bobby

    when people dig into you like that, it’s a safe bet they’re not looking for somethin good or that they have good intentions

  3. Sassy McSmartpants

    What do you mean? Why is it 324411 questions and not 324412 questions? Why not 324410 questions? How did you type that? Were your fingers on the right keys? Did you hunt and peck? Did you do both? Did you type loudly? Why don’t you like questions? What’s the problem?
    😀 *ducks*

  4. jen

    yes, i should add that one to my list of personal pet peeves….
    people who think questioning = conversation
    to me, it equals = nosey, and unable to think on their own two feet, or they lack the creative juices to be interesting, themselves
    i feel your pain, sista.

  5. Mad Bull

    Guess what. The title of this post is missing a “la”. The whole world is out of balance now. I doubt I’ll be able to get any sleep tonight if you don’t fix it…

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