Can I get you a snack?

That thing people say about not going grocery shopping when you’re hungry… that’s good advice, heed it.
I went to get toilet paper and ice and ended up spending $57.58.
Anyone want a pop tart? How about some doritos? Some cookies with peanut butter in the middle? No? How about some rice pudding? Fruit? A triscuit?

18 thoughts on “Can I get you a snack?

  1. Erica

    I went yesterday for Slim-Fast products only I also ended up with Mike’s Hard Cranberry-Lemonade, 2 varieties of Coffeemate flavored creamer, a pack of Skinny Cows, and a new towel set. How does this happen?

  2. keith

    thanks, no – – i just gave up pop-tarts this week. it’s fat-free fig and strawberry newtons for me. but it was awfully generous of you to offer to share.
    see, it’s just another excellent example of your generous and beautiful spirit!!

  3. rickg

    YAY! Another lost soul that succumbs to “snack attacks”!!! And rice pudding (or even tapioca) ROCKS when you just gotta indulge (I agree – toss the damn raisins in the trash – YUCK!). Fuckin’-A Bubba, if youse gotta snack, youse gotta snack HARD!

  4. girl

    mmm, I love rice pudding too. but I like it with raisin in it like my mommy used to make for me. :)
    as for grocery shopping, that’s why I bring the boy with me now. he always talks me out of stuff that I don’t need. I usually get mad at him for telling me no, but I’m grateful when we get to the check out line and realize we’ve saved a lot of money.

  5. Tracy

    Yeah, I went in last night to buy a dish scrubby, a gallon of milk, and ziploc bags. $86.72 later…. but I have quacamole chips…and yummy ice cream…

  6. ginadapooh

    I love rice pudding. Oh, and doritos sound really good right now.
    come visit and I will teach you the wonders of Skinny Cows, especially now that I can get them at Costcos.

  7. LisaC

    Supermarkets don’t worry me- I always buy really good stuff when I go grocery shopping. It’s those damn takeaway joints that are my downfall!!!

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