Satan (a.k.a “my master”), I need some back up on this one.

My dad wants me to go to his church tonight to hear his guest speaker. This speaker was there last night as well and guess what his sermon was about?
This preacher said this to the congregation last night (and my dad was smiling when he told me…) He said “If you’re away from God and you’re suffering from depression, you deserve to be suffering!!! I’m glad you’re suffering, because that means you’re not comfortable being away from God. YOU DESERVE IT BECAUSE YOU’RE AWAY FROM GOD.
I am still shaking I’m so mad. I asked my dad how he felt about that. His response was “well, I understand it because it means that you’re not ok with being away from God. If you were ok, you wouldn’t care.” or something like that. So I asked him “what about christians who suffer from depression?” He got quiet… I said “You don’t think christians suffer from depression? You really think that only sinners get depression??” He didn’t know what to say because he knew I was angry. I just can’t believe the stuff that people say in Gods name. I think my dad got pleasure out of telling me that. Not because he wants me to suffer, I know he loves me, but because he thinks I’m going to “see the light” and come running back to church, but that kind of talk makes me want to run away even further.
I deserve this.
That’s what a “man of God” said from the pulpit.
I think if I had been there, I would have stood up and shouted at him how ignorant and fucked up he is. I mean, there were people sitting right in front of him suffering from depression, I’m sure, and then he shouts at them that they deserve it for going away from God. Am I stupid? Does that even make sense? What does that say about His God then? I don’t get it, and I am still shocked my dad thought I needed to hear that.
That man can take his bible and shove it.

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  1. Jules

    I don’t like to judge, but what that church guy was saying was straight up stupid and ignorant. As somone who (sorta)studies psychology and suffered from depresssion, I can understand your anger and frustration.

  2. Mace

    I hate it when religious people try to force it onto other people. If religion works for them great, but they got to realize the is doesn’t do it for everybody. It must be hard when it is another family member that is doing it. Sometimes I think religion does more harm than good. I also can’t believe how may people believe in religion. It seems like one big scam to me. But that is just my 2�.

  3. Nicole

    I’ve had two recent experiences with dumbass religous people — at my grandfather’s funeral the minister compared my grandfather’s death with the death of his family pet, and at my neice and nephews communion the priest said that parents who don’t take their kids to church should tie a rock around their necks and throw them in a lake. Fucking dumbasses. I’m convinced that people who claim to be religious are the biggest hypocrites on the planet.

  4. don

    That is TOTALLY wrong!!!
    Christians get depressed just like other people. They just learn to sublimate their depression in the name of “being happy” – and turn all fake.
    This idiot prolly has never heard of chemical imbalances.

  5. kris

    my ex’s parents were big christians. he suffered from depression and also drug abuse problems, and when i went to these people asking for help, they said this same stuff to me that you wrote about. personally i think they drove him to his problems with their rigid stance on life, then basically used their beliefs as an out to keep from getting into the pit and helping him. it just made me think that christianity is just an excuse to turn your back on people. if you don’t want their kind of help well then you don’t desreve any. just like you, it really turned me off from the church even further. and these are supposedly nice, decent people!! WTF. hang in there darlin’

  6. dana michelle

    Well after reading through this comment section, I’ve got to throw in my 2 cents worth in defense of Christians. We are not monsters, nor are we fools. And we are certainly not hypocrites.
    We are not ALL closed minded and judgemental. We do not ALL think that we are better than others, and are not ALL unwilling to offer help to others in need regardless of their beliefs. There are MANY different Christian religions out there, and only the tiniest handful of them operate in such a negative fashion. And such churches are not truly Christian in my book.
    It sounds as though your father is from a very fundamentalist sect. Fundamentalists tend to be very zealous, and will often blame the suffering person for their own suffering. They are restrictive to women. They preach a God of vengeance rather than a God of love.
    God knows that we are not perfect, and He loves us exactly as we are. He never promised us that there wouldn’t be any pain or sadness in this life. He only promises us that he will never give us more than He Himself knows we can handle, and that He will always be at our side to help us through.
    I believe that the Devil does prowl the earth in search of those of us that are foundering in our faith, because it is then that we are vulnerable. But I do not believe that the Devil has the power to take us to that place to begin with. The pain and sadness of this world is enough to do that alone.
    Yes, Christians suffer from depression. It does not always come from falling away from God, but it can. It can come from a lot of different things. My own pastor told me that even ministers suffer from depression simply because of all of the stress they take on themselves listening to the problems of the people in their congregations.
    I know that you have a certain amount of faith in God, because you’ve written about it. I know I have suggested in the past that you try a non-denominational or inter-denominational church. They are usually very uplifting, because they preach a message of hope and forgiveness rather than one of accusation and punishment. I think you would be very surprised by the difference.
    God wants us to be happy and hopeful. He does not want us to live our lives in pain and despair. He wants us to lean on Him when we are troubled. Read the 23rd Psalm. It’s all in there.
    Please don’t let the actions of a few misguded people turn you against God. It doesn’t HAVE to be your father’s way. There are a lot of other options out there.
    Well, maybe that was 10 cents worth. 😉

  7. Liz

    You know who is right or wrong in this. Sorry if this sounds harsh but if my father said something like that to me I would have told him that he and I needed a break from speaking to each other till he could understand the meaning of boundaries and respect. What were the credentials of the ‘speaker’ to enable him to speak with such authority on the subject? Don’t buy into the guilt. Religion is a great thing but when it is used as a tool to judge, place guilt, or control someone then it is being distorted.

  8. girl

    stories like that are one of the main reasons I want nothing to do with the church. my boy’s mother forced us to attend church with her on mother’s day by using her best weapon, guilt. mind you, we spent the entire time writing notes back and forth on the prayer request sheets, singing in the most dramatic form possible and throwing in a “praise jesus” every now and then, but what gets me is that she just does not respect that her son and I are not church going people. he was raised Catho-lick and then converted to Baptist and then decided he wanted neither, but she absolutely refuses to believe that he’s never going to go back. she always says, “it’s in your heart, Matthew. you’ll find God again.” he just laughs, but it annoys the hell out of me. I want to yell at her and say, “just LEAVE HIM ALONE. get over it.” but instead I just roll my eyes and keep my mouth shut.
    and as for Christians being hypocritical, I think everyone is a hypocrite no matter whether you’re religious or not. perhaps it just seems like some of the things that Christians do are more hypocritical than us non-believers. one of my favorite things though is something that happened last summer. I bought my boyfriend one of those Darwin fishies. like the Jesus fish, but with legs. and this one happened to be a Darwin fish, mounting a Jesus fish. “Science overtaking Creationism.” it was quite clever and quite funny. he put it on his car and when his mother saw it, she cried and told him that he “had no respect for her beliefs.” how about her having respect for his beliefs? apparently it’s a one way street for Christians. and then the very next day, we went to the mall and someone took it off of his car and stomped on it, leaving it in pieces next to his car. if I had done that to a Jesus fish, that would make me a horrible person, a heathen. but it’s ok for a Christian to do it, right? b/c that’s just following “God’s word” or something. *sigh*

  9. Lilly

    that kind of stuff is exactly why i don’t go to church and why i am not christian…*shakes head* want another reason to hate texas? (not that you need it…) they’re worse down here than anywhere…bastages…:(

  10. dana michelle

    The “sign of the fish” has been a symbol used by Christians to identify themselves to each other since the time of Christ.
    I find it very offensive when someone uses that sign to make fun of it. It is no different than if someone were to take the Jewish Star of David and blaspheme it in some way. That would be considered anti-Semitic, and rightly so. It’s rude and disrespectful to treat peoples religious symbols in that way.
    If you wish to have a symbol to signify your
    belief system, why not come up with one of your own rather than insult someones religion by making fun of theirs?
    While I’m offended by the Darwin fish, I will not go so far as to rip one off someone’s car and destroy it. Two wrongs don’t make a right no matter how many times you try to add them up.
    But that doesn’t mean I haven’t wanted to.

  11. Jade

    Yvonne hon, I understand your anger.
    Remember that just because one stands behind a pulpit it doesn’t always make him right.
    What ever faith you choose to have is yours and yours alone. Don’t let other’s try to tell you what to think and feel. I don’t know you but you seem to be a nice lady with some pretty dear friends. Try not to take the BS personal honey.
    Going to Church or standing behind a pulpit doesn’t make anyone any more “christian” than going into the garage makes me a car.
    In these cases actions speak louder than words. Be proud to be you hon.

  12. Sassy

    People like that asshole are why I left the church. If they have nothing better to do than alienate people from God from their self-righteous high horses, fuck ’em. Me & Jesus can party elsewhere.

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