A day to remember how blessed I am.

10 years ago, on March 3, I became a mother.

I became mother to my second child 4 years later.
I can still remember the day I found out I was pregnant like yesterday.
I laughed, I cried, I screamed, I called everyone I knew, I cried some more.
I loved every minute of being pregnant. I loved giving birth even more. I loved the entire experience and I was good at it. I would have 10 kids if I could afford it.
Being a mother has changed me in so many ways. my body will never be the same.I don’t have a shred of dignity left in me, but those things are just a small price to pay for the amazing experience of being a mother to these wonderful children.
My boys have made my life worth living. They are the funniest kids I know and each day they brighten my day with their love, and kind hearts.
Even when they are mocking me, I can’t help but laugh. Not a day goes without themmaking me laugh hysterically, even when I shouldn’t be laughing.
I love my boys so much and watching them grow together and learning to be each others best friend is the greatest joy in my life.
I thank God every day for this gift, the gift of being a mother. And it is a gift, and a priveledge, one that I do not nor will I ever take lightly.
To all the mothers and mothers to be, I say, “Happy Mothers Day.”

13 thoughts on “A day to remember how blessed I am.

  1. Rach

    And Happy Mother’s Day to you too! From the stories I read about your boys, you deserve it! Not very many women can proudly post about her sons’ fascination with hairy balls…!!! :D

  2. Iki

    Great great great post! God damn you’re kids are cool. And you ain’t so bad yourself, lady!
    Happy Mother’s Day!

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