mmmmm liquid pink stuff.

I was just reading Dj mofo’snew entry and she mentioned pepto bismol pink. I just had to post that I LOVE PEPTO BISMOL. I think it is the greatest tasting medicine of all times, ever in the history of medicine. I love the smell of it too. I remember always telling my mom my stomach hurt so I could take it. Now, I keep it in my fridge and even if I *think* I am getting a stomach ache I will drink some. Now, I hate the pills, but the liquid one. YUM YUM.
It should be illegal for medicine to taste that good.

14 thoughts on “mmmmm liquid pink stuff.

  1. dj mo fo

    sorry girl, not with you on this one.
    that minty, bubble gum flavor is nastttayyyy
    i’ll stick with metamucel-tang flavored stuff.
    like baby aspirin, but better.
    but don’t worry about faking it to taste it. did it with vitamins. once downed 1/2 bottle of flintstones.

  2. pink lotus

    I just saw on the Food Network yesterday that race horses often get ulcers, so they have to give them pepto bismol. I guess they get pre-race jitters…

  3. dana michelle

    I looooove Pepto! And I love orange flavored baby aspirin too.
    I had a bottle of Pepto out on my desk because I wasn’t feeling too well one day, and my old boss came over and asked me to please put it away because it was making him queasy to look at it. After I found that out I used to threaten him with it.

  4. BJ

    Ewwww! I don’t like the pills or the liquid, but if I have to choose I usually take the chewable tablets. The consistancy of the liquid makes me gag! :p

  5. Erica

    Pepto Bismol always makes me feel better. Because every time I drink it it makes me throw up, and then once that’s over everything’s okay.

  6. Rick

    I’m with ya, Yvonne – Baskin Robbins needs a pink 32nd flavour. I have seen heaven, thy name be Pepto Bismol.

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