I just walked down the hall and saw a little white butt, pants around the ankles standing at the toy room door. I asked in horror, “Ethan Michael, what are you doing? Why are your pants down?” He got embarrassed and hopped down the hall, to the bathroom while saying “I was taking a dump and I heard my favorite commercial and I wanted to see it really quick.”
After I was done laughing I had to tell him I didn’t ever want him to get off the pot “mid dump” ever again. You stay til you’re finished and ass is wiped, mister!
I love my kids.

7 thoughts on “poop

  1. jay

    I hate when that happens! I’ve seriously considered putting a tv in the bathroom so I dont have to rush anything.

  2. Joelle

    omg. firstly, to jennypoo’s reference to “pinching it off”, secondly to your kid saying “I was taking a dump…”

  3. David

    I’ve got a mirror on the inside of the towel cabinet door. I can leave the bathroom door open, open the cabinet door, and PRESTO! I can watch the TV that’s in the bedroom.

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