Never again.

I went with Ethan’s class to the Los Angeles Zoo. Let me just say this.
I hate the zoo. I mean i hate it!!
It’s boring, it stinks, you have to walk too damn much, it’s boring, it’s hot, it’s boring, it’s dirty, it’s boring.
After an hour Ethan was crying that “his ankle hurt, his legs were tired, the animals ‘weren’t doing anything’, he was hungry, he was thirsty, blah blah blah. I enjoyed spending the day with him and tried to make it as positive of an experience as possible, but I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT.
Why would anyone go there voluntarily? I love animals and all, but to see a big ass elephant confined to a small cage, or a seal in a tank of water as big as my bathtub just seems cruel… and then there’s all that WALKING just to see ONE gorilla sleeping for 5 minutes. I don’t get it. I will never go back, ever.

7 thoughts on “Never again.

  1. dana michelle

    The literature looks really nice, but that’s sad if the animals are confined to such small areas. You’d think in a warm climate like that they could do better for them.
    We have a beautiful zoo here, with huge open air natural habitats for most of the animals. The aquatic animals have big moats to swim in. But in the winter, they are confined to small areas too.
    10 points for you for being such a trooper! Think of all the calories you burned up doin’ all that walkin’ :)

  2. gojou

    P.S. My sister works there, so I get to go “behind the scenes” in the exhibits? How many people ever get the chance to feed a polar bear? Or a baby hippo?

  3. tanya

    if you go with a date, all of the animals have sex. i’m not kidding. it’s pheromones or something. and you should see the giraffes. (but if you do, some old lady is sure to smack you for your reaction)

  4. lavonne

    yeah, the la zoo is an embarrassment for such a big city. san diego’s wild animal park is the place to go… the zoo is great too, but at the wild animal park you can pay extra to ride a truck out to the animals and feed them, or even watch a giraffe give birth close up. it’s very cool.

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