how the neck ruined christmas.

my grandma ruined my grandpa’s christmas.

she “lost” the neck of the turkey, which is my grandpas favorite part. this was the conversation that had me on the floor laughing.

g’pa: (yelling) “wilma, where’s the neck?”

g’ma:(yelling back) “one minute ray, it’s right here, gimme a second, would ya?”

g’pa: “hurry up woman, i want my neck”

Long Pause…

g’ma:”wait, it was right here, where’d it go?”

me: “grandma, where did what go?”

g’ma: “the neck”

me: “what, you lost the neck? it’s got to be here somewhere.”

g’pa: (yelling again) “what do you mean you lost the neck”

g’ma: (yelling back) hold your horses ray, i just saw it, it’s around here somewhere”

(yes, people, my grandma was looking for the turkey neck that she swore she just saw 2 seconds ago. haha)

g’pa: “what are you talking about woman, you mean you lost it? where could it have gone?”

me: “grandpa, don’t yell at her, it’s just a turkey neck! relax! let her finish cutting the turkey, it will show up”

g’pa: “it better show up, that’s my favorite part of the turkey”

well, she never found it. no one knows what the heck happened to it. but i do know that was the funniest thing ever. my grandpa walked around the whole day saying stuff like “leave it to wilma to ruin my day and lose the neck”

oh. my. god.

and you wonder why i’m a freak?

6 thoughts on “how the neck ruined christmas.

  1. mikey

    hahahahahah… “hold your horses”? people still say that?
    leave it to wilma to ruin my day and lose the neck“… hahahahah this will go down in the annals of neck-losing history!

  2. madflava

    Where is his neck?
    Uh, just below his head, didn’t school teach him any anatomy in 5th grade?
    Below the head, above the shoulders….that’s where it’s at 😛

  3. melly

    Did they go out and kill this turkey themselves? I thought turkeys from the store came neckless.
    And more importantly, who got the anus?

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