my little pilgrim

i am happy to say, ethan did a wonderful job singing today! it was so great, well, except for the chaos i created at the beginning of the program. you see, my son was a pilgrim, so they had to wear these hats and little vests. well, i watched all the kids walk in, and i never saw ethan. “hmmm , that’s weird, maybe i missed him.” so i ask my friend if she saw him, nope, she didn’t see him either. “maybe they’re all not here yet?? i thought to myself. but wait! i see all the teachers! at this point, i was getting scared. i started to feel hot with fear, so i ran up to the front of the auditorium. i found his teacher and was all “where is my son?” she told me he was there, but i can’t see him so i ask her to point him out to me but get this! she can’t find him either (mind you all the parents are watching us now) i’m FREAKING OUT and now she is too. then, i see this body, but you can’t see the head because the hat on the head is so damn big, it’s ethan! “there he is!” i say. the hat was covering his face! dear god. we laughed about it and then i ran to my seat so they could start the program. my friend was in tears from laughing. everyone was laughing, actually. it was so cute, my son up there with a big ass pilgrim hat singing the squirrel and the mother f’ing turkey song!

god i love being a mother!

4 thoughts on “my little pilgrim

  1. Dania

    David was the only one NOT wearing his little vest or hat…why? because he told the teacher it was just a stupid paper vest and wanted a real indian costume..*sigh*

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